Women in The Board Room

There is a difference between men & women! Men make far less body movements than women. But, here is the catch, those in senior positions make even less movements, think about the Queen, Judges etc. you know its true. One of my tasks is working with women to overcome this problems. Women are seen as junior to their male colleagues just by the number of movements they make.  Niether is it about making less movements, although that is what people at the top do. I am running a course for women who feel thwarted or are keen to progress on Friday 1st Feb, 2013 in London, zone 1. This is a face to face course that will be followed up with on line webcams and further training.   Pls let me know if you are interested in attending, or would like personal coaching.  Its a great way to get ahead and the best thing about it, people know you have changed but they will not know why, giving you just a little bit more of kick and lots more success.
In the interim, Happy New Year to You.